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Welcome to Internity:
Your Family Legacy Journal.
Take a journey through generations, with

a private space that fosters genuine dialogue, encourages gratitude and cultivates a deep connection to yourself and others you love.

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Introducing Internity, your dedicated platform for capturing, preserving, and organizing the important experiences that shape your and your family's legacy. Whether it's treasured family memories, captivating stories, or personal reflections and thoughts, Internity simplifies the process of creating, storing, and arranging everything that's meaningful to you. With context-based organization, your cherished moments become effortlessly accessible. Connect to and share them with your loved ones, and start your journey of preserving what truly matters.


Capture your Journey



Capture the memories that matter most. Whether it's a cherished family vacation, a heart-to-heart conversation, messages to preserve your thoughts, stories contributing to your legacy, a treasured family recipe, or those precious first steps your child takes, our platform empowers you to document these moments in a personal and inspirational manner, arranging them according to various perspectives. You have the flexibility to upload various forms of memories, including text, pictures, videos, voice memos, and files.

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Use Category & Label as a Key.

Bid farewell to the chaotic and cluttered digital landscape. Internity offers you the means to organize your captured moments with precision, sorted by context. This way, you can swiftly locate the stories you wish to visit without the hassle of endless scrolling through your camera roll. Your memories are thoughtfully stored and readily accessible. With the addition of customizable categories and labels, you have the power to define the essence of your captured moments, simplifying the organization and allowing you to craft a collage of what holds the deepest significance to you.


Choose and create your Tribe.

Sharing and Co-Creating: Internity offers a space where you can easily share your experiences, memories, and thoughts with your loved ones. You have the option to co-create new captures together, celebrating your journey collaboratively. Furthermore, you have the beautiful opportunity to share your captured moments with your loved ones, thus weaving a shared family narrative that spans generations.


Discover Internity's Inspiring Videos, Captures,

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Capturing is not just about preserving the past; it's equally about reflection and growth. Internity is your sanctuary for introspection, gratitude, and personal development. It's not merely about looking back; it's about looking within and gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and your family's growth. Come back to visit your captures from time to time to witness your journey.

Our Story

 "Son, now you know that everything happens for a reason"... 

"Dad, how will I remember this moment 10 years from today?

..And this is how it all started…

Internity isn't just an app; it's our family's story.

We were a family in search of something special, a place where we could come together to remember, reflect, and connect over life's experiences we shared. Life moves quickly, and too often, the precious moments that define us pass by without being captured or reflected on.

Our journey with Internity began with a simple idea: to create a private space where our family could create and preserve our legacies for our children, remember our late beloved father, and reflect on life's experiences together.

We aren't your typical 'Journalers,' but we acknowledge the benefits of journaling. With the option to share, collaborate, and arrange our experiences by context, we felt that we had an idea worth sharing with the world.

Internity is our way of bringing families closer. We designed it to be user-friendly, even for the laziest of journalers. It encourages you to capture life stories, no matter how big or small, and share them with your loved ones.

While social media platforms allow us to keep many connections, they don't cater to the specific needs of capturing deeply personal and meaningful moments, fostering family legacies, encouraging reflection and personal growth, and enabling collaboration within a private, organized, and secure environment – all of which are core to Internity's mission.

Our life journey is an evolution

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my future self


my emerging self


my mature self


my legacy

Our life journey is an ongoing evolution. In our twenties, we inspire our future selves. In our thirties, we seek to understand our emerging selves. In our forties, we celebrate our mature selves and start considering our legacy. As Peter Strople once said, "Legacy is not leaving something for someone; it's leaving something in someone." Internity allows us to capture and reflect on these life stages, providing perspective, inspiration, introspection, thought, emotion, and gratitude as we go along.

Our mission is simple: to help you cherish the moments that matter, honor those who came before, and create a more connected, self-aware, and grateful future. Join us in this journey of preserving the essence of life. Welcome to Internity!


The Internity Family

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